Devon 50HB Multi-fuel Boiler

  • Exceptional output for whole house heating
  • The Devon 50HB boiler stove is based on the standard Devon wood burning stove but will also supply you with hot water and central heating. All Yeoman boiler stoves can be used in their own right to heat domestic hot water and provide central heating – they will also augment an existing central heating system with ‘link up‘ technology. The Devon 50HB boiler stove will feed up to 9 standard size radiators**.

Devon 50HB

Suitable for burning Wood or multi fuel* Yes
Efficiency Devon 50HB – 70% (wood burning)
72% (multi-fuel)
Airwash System Yes
Radiator Capabilities 9 Radiators
Flue Top or rear flue exit
Optional Thermostatic Control To maintain desired running temperatures.†

*burns anthracite, smokeless fuels and peat turfs with the use of a Multi-fuel kit

**A standard size radiator is considered to be 400 x 1000mm.

Information for boiler options is a guide only. Seek advice and a site survey from a qualified heating engineer before ordering.

† From 1st July 2013 it became a mandatory requirement to have a Thermostat fitted to all boiler stoves. Therefore from this date, all Yeoman Boiler stoves now come supplied with a Thermostat as standard.