F40 Gas

  • A focal point for contemporary interiors
  • This stove is designed to be a focal point in contemporary interiors. It is available in three versions: Avanti, Avanti Midi and Avanti Highline.
  • Each version has the same excellent view of the realistic coal or log effect fire through a large glass window.

F40 Avanti – Key Facts

Overall dimensions – Avanti 462 x 644 x 331mm (w x h x d)
Overall dimensions – Midi 462 x 824 x 331mm (w x h x d)
Overall dimensions – Highline 462 x 999 x 331mm (w x h x d)
Heat output 2.34 – 4.02kW
Heating efficiency Conventional Flue: 73%
Balanced Flue: 78%
Fuel bed Coals or Logs
Command controls Manual
Standard Upgradable
Programmable Upgradable
Suitable for Chimney, Flue Class 1 and 2 and Balanced Flue