MORSØ 7990


Morsø has teamed up with talented Danish designer Monica Ritterband to create a new cast-iron wood burning stove that is beautiful, innovative and practical. And it’s also uniquely yours: this sleek, modern stove is modular, so you can build a wood burner that suits your home, lifestyle and needs.

The cylindrical wood burner is a real focal point. Whatever combination you choose, every incarnation features a panoramic view of your living flames, with a large curved front window and double-glazed glass to the sides.

Then choose from a range of bases: from purely decorative to functional storage, the choice is yours.

Its 7.3kW output will heat mid-to-large rooms admirably and its stylish looks will suit any home. The smallest details are designed to delight – like the polished stainless steel handle, which is a dramatic contrast to the rich dark grey of the cast iron. Or the brand new self-closing door, which slides into place with a soft and satisfying click – reminiscent of the sound of a luxury car’s door.

Everything about the 7900 series is gorgeous. The rest is up to you.

Add a little height to your wood burner with our taller modules. The 7990 has a 600mm-tall base unit with three options:

  • Plain steel 600mm-high base for a sleek, simple and modern look

  • Simple 600mm-high base with log store, so the next log is always right at your fingertips

  • Sleek 600mm-high base with drawer, for hiding away kindling, matches or that packet of marshmallows

Create your perfect wood burning stove, whatever the size of your room. It’s perfectly you.

Heat storage unit

The optional heat storage unit fits perfectly on top of any 7900 series combination, blending seamlessly into the design. It allows you to store heat for longer, and emits it slowly. If you need low heat throughout the day, or you’d like to wake up to a pleasantly warm room, our heat storage unit is the eco-friendly option. Together with the optional heat storage blocks, the 7900 stove makes the most of your fuel and gently returns warmth for longer.


  • Convection heat
  • Air wash system
  • Pre-heated combustion air
  • Pre-heated secondary air
  • Tertiary air supply
  • Ash can
  • Optional outside air kit – Limited models


  • Wood and briquettes


  • Dark grey


  • EN 13240
  • Norwegian Approval
  • DEFRA Smoke exemption pending


  • 7900 Instructions for installation & use
  • 7900 Exploded view


Rated output (kw) 7.3
Log length (cm) 33
Flue outlet, rear & top option internal ø (mm) 159
Minimum internal flue ø (mm) 150
Weight 189
Efficiency Net / Gross (%) 79 / 71.9
Height (mm) – Stove body only 757
Width (mm) – Stove body only 504
Depth (mm) – Stove body only 435


Top (mm) 500
Sides insulated flue (mm) 700
Sides un-insulated flue (mm) 700
Rear insulated flue (mm) 50
Rear un-insulated flue (mm) 125