MORSØ 7940


Morsø has teamed up with talented Danish designer Monica Ritterband to create a new cast-iron wood burning stove that is beautiful, innovative and practical. And it’s also uniquely yours: this sleek, modern stove is modular, so you can build a wood burner that suits your home, lifestyle and needs.

The cylindrical wood burner is a real focal point. Whatever combination you choose, every incarnation features a panoramic view of your living flames, with a large curved front window and double-glazed glass to the sides.

Then choose from a range of bases: from purely decorative to functional storage, the choice is yours.

Its 7.3kW output will heat mid-to-large rooms admirably and its stylish looks will suit any home. The smallest details are designed to delight – like the polished stainless steel handle, which is a dramatic contrast to the rich dark grey of the cast iron. Or the brand new self-closing door, which slides into place with a soft and satisfying click – reminiscent of the sound of a luxury car’s door.

Everything about the 7900 series is gorgeous. The rest is up to you.

The sleek cast-iron firebox forms the main body of the wood burning stove. It has a large curved front window and double-glazed glass to the sides, and the simple elegance of the plain 275mm-high steel base suits its smooth lines perfectly.


  • Convection heat
  • Air wash system
  • Pre-heated combustion air
  • Pre-heated secondary air
  • Tertiary air supply
  • Ash can
  • Optional outside air kit – Limited models


  • Wood and briquettes


  • Dark grey


  • EN 13240
  • Norwegian Approval
  • DEFRA Smoke exemption pending


Morso 7940

Morso 7940

  • 7900 Instructions for installation & use
  • 7900 Exploded view


Rated output (kw) 7.3
Log length (cm) 33
Flue outlet, rear & top option internal ø (mm) 159
Minimum internal flue ø (mm) 150
Weight 152
Efficiency Net / Gross (%) 79 / 71.9
Height (mm) – Stove body only 757
Width (mm) – Stove body only 504
Depth (mm) – Stove body only 435


Top (mm) 500
Sides insulated flue (mm) 700
Sides un-insulated flue (mm) 700
Rear insulated flue (mm) 50
Rear un-insulated flue (mm) 125