Loxton Maxi Convector

The Loxton Maxi Convector is the newest addition to the Mendip Stoves collection. This stunning mid height stove makes an ideal addition to any home, with the added height the fire view is brought up to your eyeline and reloading and cleaning is made easier. Its convection panels make it unique in the Loxton range, but it also incorporates all of the features standard Loxton. The sleek cast iron door and handle, the innovative single air control, controlling the stove combustion air from a stay cool lever and high efficiency output. Contact your closest retailer today to get more information or request a brochure.

Loxton 5

Height 606mm
Width 490mm
Depth 320mm
Outlet Diameter 125mm
Distance from floor to center of rear outlet 480mm
Distance from rear of stove to center of top outlet 115mm
Output 4.6kW
Weight 71kg
Efficiency Wood: 80%
Smokeless fuel: 78%
Distance to combustibles side 550mm
Distance to combustibles rear 350mm