Can Galleon Fireplaces carry out the installation? 

Yes, we have highly experienced teams of installers who are Gas Safe registered engineers.

How much is the installation? 
Installation costs are determined by a site survey which enables a full costing to be calculated. The site survey allows us to complete a visual examination and take measurements to determine whether the appliance you have chosen will fit. It is in no way structural survey.

Do I have to have a chimney/flue? 
If you are looking at a solid fuel appliance then you do require a Class I flue. If you are proposing a gas appliance, then you may still require a flue, depending on appliance you require, or alternatively you could look at balanced flue, Powered flue or flueless gas appliances.

Powered Flue (No chimney required)
Powered Flue fire is an ‘open fronted’ gas fire appliance with an electronically driven fan system.

Balanced Flue? (No chimney required)
Balanced flues work in conjunction with ‘glass fronted’ gas fires. The appliance is completely sealed from the room into which it is installed (so there are no draughts and heating efficiency is increased!) and a twin-wall pipe vents directly to an outside wall. Air for combustion is drawn in through the outer pipe whilst the inner pipe removes the combustion gases to the exterior of the property. Depending on the fire selected, the twin-walled pipe may exit horizontally through an external wall or vertically through the roof. No electric supply is required; therefore there is no sound with this flue system.

Can I install a fireplace myself?
All gas fires should be installed by a Gas Safe-registered engineer.

Can the surrounds come in different size?
Yes, we can manufacture to your specific requirements.

Are the surrounds suitable for solid fuel fires?